SkyDome® System

Airspace Awareness, Security and Defense

The Missing Layer in Today’s Security

SkyDome is our adaptable AI system that fuses TrueView® radar and other sensor inputs to autonomously monitor any environment in 3D. By detecting and assessing airborne threats with its ThreatAware™ Software, SkyDome System anticipates vulnerabilities and can alert personnel or launch DroneHunter® to neutralize dangerous or malicious drones. SkyDome is the only platform that achieves total airspace awareness, safety and security.

Are you looking for a solution to elevate your security above and beyond the fence line? 

Fortem Technologies has the industry-leading, deeply-integrated C-UAS solution, which is deployed at world class venues, military bases, airports and infrastructures around the world.


SkyDome distributes and networks TrueView SWAP-C radar in varying terrains, population centers and in challenging topography where existing larger radar and RF-based systems fail. This distributed network of TrueView radar digitizes these vulnerable gaps so that every object from the ground up can be detected, tracked, classified and assigned a threat level, creating either an independent end-to-end or integrated situational awareness solution.

Maps to Existing Security Processes and Protocols



Deep integration with TrueView radar makes the creation of a distributed uninterrupted network of digitized 3D coverage available in any environment or terrain. The SkyDome system can detect and track hundreds of objects in real-time, day or night, in 3D. Birds, drones, drone swarms, aircraft, vehicles, people and wildlife are all detected and tracked, bringing total situational awareness to the airspace.

Threat Assessment


ThreatAware is a sophisticated AI-engine in SkyDome that analyzes real-time input from multiple sources and sensors to simultaneously assess threats and assign them a ThreatLevel. Data sources may include radar tracks and signatures, classification, optic and thermal images, pattern-of-life impressions, aircraft ID transmissions, flight plans, aircraft registration and specification data, and other sensor outputs

Integrated Response


Precision cueing makes it possible for SkyDome to send a threatening object’s coordinates to any system, enabling a wide range of C-UAS solutions. DroneHunter, the leader in drone interceptor technology, is an example of what is possible with precision cueing and deep integration.

Data, Analysis & Reporting


All ThreatAware, ThreatLevel, sensor and other data is stored by SkyDome and complements security data from other systems. This data is a valuable supplement to the core C-UAS information in SkyDome. SkyDome data is sortable and exportable for analysis and reporting by the end customer.