TrueView Radar®

AI at the Edge for Superior
Detection, Tracking and Classification

TrueView radar R20 and R30 image thumbnails

Anti-drone Threat Detection and Tracking Leader

TrueView is the world leader in low SWAP-C electronically scanned phased array radar—the gold standard in radar technology. It delivers best-in-class real-world range, resolution, accuracy and clutter rejection. TrueView is the only radar to use AI at the Edge for superior detection, tracking and classification. Deeply integrated into the DroneHunter and SkyDome platforms, TrueView can be scaled for complete coverage in complex and topology challenging environments.

Why Radar?

As prioritized by the FAA and NASA, radar technology is the foundational sensor for UAS airspace management strategies.

Our radar detection system providing tracking capabilities that monitor a marked or defined airspace, and reports all activity within that space, day or night and in all weather conditions.

Powerful Sensor

  • Effective 3D radar sensor that detects and monitors with precision, day or night and in adverse weather conditions
  • Simple intuitive interface and U/I
  • Both built for ground and airborne applications

Simple Connectivity

  • Ethernet output (JSON) for streaming detection & track data for other systems
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for radar operation and configuration
  • APIs for programmatic radar control
  • Ethernet provides up to 1 Gbps data transfer rates

Integrated and Compact

  • Integrated high-resolution software defined radar.
  • Integrated inertial navigation system (INS) enables clutter rejection in R20 airborne applications


TrueView's detection range and Field Of View (FOV), provides best-fit radar technology for drone intrusion detection and monitoring, providing complete local airspace awareness.


Fortem TrueView radar's compact size and light weight allows it to be fix mounted on drones and other Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to provide tracking and targeting of airborne objects.

Our Models

TrueView comes in three models: R20, R30 and R20 DAN-C. DAN-C (Detect Assistance Non-Cooperative) is adapted to work in manned aircraft as part of an overall avionics solution integrated with technologies such as ADS-B, while the other models are targeted for unmanned air-to-air and ground-based radar solutions.